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DLT ≠ Blockchain ≠ Bitcoin??


DLT in its simplest definition is a distributed database secured using cryptography. Blockchain is only one example of DLT (albeit, the most common). And Bitcoin is only one example of Blockchain (albeit, the first and most common).

The confusion stems from the fact that Bitcoin was the first widespread use of Blockchain and DLT. In 2009, you wouldn't be corrected for saying Bitcoin = Blockchain = DLT. In the same sense that if Kleenex had a monopoly on all nasal hygiene products, saying Kleenex=Facial Tissue=Nasal Hygiene Product wouldn't be corrected.

The reality is that there have been many additional use cases for Blockchain beyond Bitcoin. The majority of the top companies in the world are investing time researching it. But Blockchain does have inherent limitations that have not yet been overcome, therefore DLT represents the overall potential of the technology.

To highlight an example, one of the largest commercial projects being tested by a consortium of financial institutions - R3's Corda - is not based on Blockchain but is still DLT. (July 10th Update: A blockchain-based firewall has been included in V3.0, making it a hybrid).

Our Approach for...


Startups: Our advisory network is comprised of industry leaders covering many facets of DLT. We know a good egg from a bad and in a world soured by ICO scams and exchange hacks, integrity is our paramount principle. 

A partnership built on honesty, integrity and transparency is therefore a two-way prerequisite. And a strong partnership is a precursor to success.

Established Companies: We offer a free, no obligation initial DLT impact assessment of your current business operations and identify any risks or opportunities that could have an impact above "insignificant". 

Given that DLT is still in its' early stages, we expect that many organizations have not yet considered the impact. If the initial assessment indicates minimal impact, DLT Advisory Group will still track and monitor for elevated risks and opportunities arising from DLT on your behalf.

If risks or opportunities are identified that are not insignificant, we would then recommend a DLT Deep Dive impact analysis in order for you to make the best decision on next steps to mitigate risks or capitalize on opportunities.

Individuals: Investors in cryptocurrencies and ICOs face a number of issues not previously encountered in traditional financial markets. As discussed in our article on taxation, most "Exchanges" in Canada are only regulated as Money Service Businesses, despite acting as the centralized custodian, broker AND exchange for your cryptocurrency. Therefore you are not getting a T5 to report your taxes correctly. Transparency is not apparent. And people lose money. 

The Wall Street Journal recently found that nearly 20% of ICOs contain red flags of fraud, such as guaranteed returns, plagiarized text and fake executive teams. 

Due diligence is an essential element of any investment and without regulatory protection, individuals are at risk. 

See our Services for more details and specific engagements.

Our Advantage


Our management and advisory team have  a wealth of experience across various industries and professions. Business strategy, risk management, taxation, structuring, corporate law, compliance, capital markets, treasury, payments, corporate finance, risk and DLT software development only scratch the surface of our group's comprehensive experience. 

Large consulting firms undoubtedly have a larger breadth of experience, but DLT Advisory Group's objective is to act as your business partner without the upfront overhead.

Our advisors are also thought leaders on DLT for their respective industries, each spending  the last several years advising various DLT startups. We are constantly monitoring new developments and continue to develop relationships across North America in to ensure you are connected to the right people in the DLT industry at the right time.

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